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DISPLAR is a neural network method. Given the structure of a protein known to bind DNA, the method predicts residues that contact DNA. The inputs to the neural network include position-specific sequence profiles and solvent accessibilities of each residue and its spatial neighbors. The neural network is trained on known structures of protein-DNA complexes. On our test set, DISPLAR shows prediction accuracy over 80% and coverage of over 60% of actual DNA-contacting residues.

  • Tjong , H. and Zhou, H.-X. DISPLAR: an accurate method for predicting DNA-binding sites on protein surfaces. Nucl. Acids Res. 35:1465-1477 (2007)

  •   Note: The size of protein can be submitted here is from 40 to 2000 residues.

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    • Note: DISPLAR is a 3D structure based predictor, not a sequence based.

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