Method at a Glance

meta-PPISP is built on three individual web servers: cons-PPISP, PINUP, and Promate. A linear regression method, using the raw scores of the three severs as input, was trained on a set of 35 nohomologous proteins. Cross validation showed that meta-PPISP outperforms all the three individual servers. At coverages indentical to those of the individual methods, the accuracy of meta-PPISP is higher by 4.8 to 18.2 percentage points. Similiar improvements in accuracy are also seen on CAPRI and other targets.

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If you have more than a few proteins and would like to run meta-PPISP in batch mode, click here.

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  • Note: meta-PPISP is a 3D structure based, not sequence based, predictor.

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